Investment in the Art and Antiques’ market

We advise our clients in the purchase of art objects and antiques

Investment in the Art and Antiques' market

The meaning of the word “art” cannot be defined distinctively and absolutely, because art varies during the course of the transition from one historical period to another and above all from one culture to another. We can assert that in general, art can understand every human activity that leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression, using technical devices, innate or acquired skills, thanks to study or experience. Art is also closely connected to the ability of transmitting emotions and messages which are entirely subjective. When you have any doubts or want to gain some information about an antique or a work of art, the first thing to do is to request advice or assistance from a professional. Large auction houses and well-known vendors are generally able to provide full advice in resolving doubts about the authenticity of an object. Studio Marceca, does NOT offer a service of expertise on works of art, a field in which there are highly specialized accredited professionals. Over the years, Studio Marceca has acquired knowledge and experience of the art market such as to offer advice to “dress” and customize many spaces: whether small houses or large villas, professional offices or offices, each customer is also offered the possibility of “investing” in the market sectors which, by their very nature, are similar to the world of architecture:

  • Design and modernism
  • Ancient and modern paintings
  • Antique furniture
  • Vintage carpets
  • Silver
  • Furnishing accessories
  • Porcelain and majolica

Studio Marceca will lead you to the purchase of the antique object or to the work of art that best suits your environment, both public and private. Edgar Allan Poe said: “the carpet is the soul of the apartment”. For us, every object that is part of the furnishings of a home, an office or a professional studio, contributes to make it a unique and particular place, an expression of the personality of the person who lives in that space.

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