We design the interior of your home with good taste and refined materials

Interior furnishing study and design

Studio Marceca is oriented towards always proposing to all customers the personalized interior design and offers targeted advice in the selection of all furnishing accessories. Each environment is designed, designed and built to the smallest detail, adopting a philosophy based on good taste, refinement, refinement and quality of materials and products offered. We have selected for our customers a wide range of proposals that express the best of Italian creativity and quality: from design furniture created by expert craftsmen to accessories and furnishing accessories of the best Italian production companies, from precious fabrics that only the Italian frames can create lamps that are studied, chosen and offered together with a highly personalized lighting project designed to best enhance each room, both external and internal, based on the characteristics and function attributed to each space. Only Italy expresses the best creative solutions in all the sectors involved in the enhancement of the environment: upholsterers, carpenters, gilders, plasterers and a wide range of artisans contribute to ensure that the project is translated into reality. Without the skill of experienced and highly skilled artisans it would not be possible to translate any project into reality. Our passion for interior design, aims to make every home cozy and any personalized environment, using furniture solutions and creative design and treated in every detail. For the Studio Marceca, the primary mission has always been to realize the dream of those who live in an environment. The attention to detail is the same for both small environments and large spaces. From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the walk-in closet to the service areas, we think, we design, we take care of the details and realize all the rooms with the utmost care.

Studio Marceca di Pier Paolo Marceca

Milan: Via Lanzone, 31

Cell.: +39 373 765 66 56

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