Restructuring of houses, appartments, villas, farmhouses and offices


The so-called construction site phase is the real moment in which the project is carried out by skilled workers belonging to one or more companies. The site manager is the person who takes care of organizing and coordinating the various phases and jobs of the workers, thereby avoiding any waste and delays in delivery. Following the renovation of a house, an apartment, an office, a villa or a farmhouse may take a long time and you need to have an excellent basic preparation and full knowledge of the work to be carried out. It is necessary to have professionals who are able to realize the contents formalized in the executive project, which must fully reflect the needs and wishes expressed by the client. The work phases necessary to carry out a project are very delicate, a professional is needed to supervise the progress of the construction site, capable of “supervising the works” in a serious, precise and consistent manner in order to have the project executed, respecting the general time schedule and all the timing of the individual processes and, above all, capable of managing the contingencies which may inevitably occur. Studio Marceca is able to take charge of the whole renovation process of your property: from the planning stage to all the construction site phases . The work planning will be serious, precise and timely. We work with solid, well-established construction companies that guarantee both high standards and an excellent quality-price ratio of the services offered. Our professionals will guarantee you a complete turnkey job that will fully respect your request, from every point of view. Studio Marceca offers a single point of reference, which takes care of both the entire project in all its phases, as well as the site, with all the dynamics and aspects, suggesting solutions along the way to improve the liveability of your home, together with its energy performance. A serious, precise and timely service is offered.

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