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Interior design

Studio Marceca specializes in interior designing.
Each environment is designed, designed and built by adopting a philosophy based on good taste, refinement and refinement of the products. The passion for interior design, aims to make every home or environment welcoming and personalized, using furniture solutions and creative design and treated in every detail. For the Studio Marceca, the primary mission has always been to realize the dream of those who live in an environment.
The attention to detail is the same for both small and large environments. We are able to obtain kitchens and furnishings with a classic, minimal or modern design, meeting the tastes of all. To achieve good results in a minimal design, it is necessary to play on the contrast of colors, which can be expressed in black and white, in walnut and white, and so on, without weighing up the environment with a mix of colors that would make living more chaotic. .
Modern furniture, on the other hand, has a simple style but certainly of great scenic effect. The interior design of modern design is lightened with soft colors and light and practical materials, such as the leather covering the sofas, the surfaces of glass tables and tables, the resins, the shiny or satin-finished metals, the mirrors framed with frames in luminous materials and fabrics and coatings. Usually on the walls we find very colorful prints. Even the lighting is of fundamental importance in a modern furnishing, which is characterized by the “drop” in crystals or large lamps of support in the most sophisticated and particular materials.

External design

The green spaces in a home have always made it possible to bring out the architectural works, create new spaces for aggregation and positively influence the psychological sphere of the people who use them. To enjoy all these benefits, however, the creation of an open space must be studied and designed by a professional.
No matter what the appearance of the house, the design of a garden, a terrace or an outdoor area, will have influence on the whole property. The Marceca Architecture studio in Milan will plan everything meticulously; the place, the entity and the type of project, hanging or open garden.
To properly design a garden it is necessary to analyze the environment that surrounds it. The type of climate is crucial, as it influences the growth of vegetation; in fact the heat, the cold, the degree of exposure to sunlight, the amount of shade, humidity and rainfall are climatic factors that will influence the choice of plants. The same terrain and the presence of water are important factors.
Many think that having a big garden is important for the end result. Nothing more wrong. Sometimes a small environment can be more pleasant and cared for than a large one because it allows to be taken care of in the smallest details.

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Architecture is the skillful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light.

(Le Corbusier)

What we can do for you

Our services


Designing and thinking about the built space does not mean wandering on the wings of imagination but remaining firmly anchored to reality, having in mind the real needs of the client, scrupulously comply with current legislation, know in detail the materials and production techniques. Preliminary and executive planning activities, building and land management practices are managed within a reasonable time. The goal is to provide a high quality of service.


Following the renovation of a house, an apartment, an office, a villa or a farmhouse can take much of your time and you need to have a good basic preparation on the work to be done. We need professionals who are able to realize a project that fully reflects your dreams, your desires, that watch over the work to enforce the project and timing and above all can handle unexpected events.

The Marceca studio is able to take charge of the whole renovation process of your property.
The planning of the works will be serious, precise and timely. Our professionals will earn you a complete, turnkey work that will fully reflect what is required, from every point of view.

With us you will have a single contact person, who takes care of the entire project in every aspect, suggesting solutions that improve the livability of your home and its energy performance.

Practices and expertise

Each property has unique and peculiar characteristics and is located precisely in a specific market segment. Studio Marceca offers targeted advice, in collaboration with real estate agencies and specialists in the sector, for the purchase of both the first home and investment properties, both residential and commercial, as well as assistance and technical advice during the division of inheritance (property valuations object of succession) and “as a party technical consultant” (CTP) within the dispute.

Art and antiques

Every object in a house is an expression of the taste and choices of its owner. Paintings, furniture, carpets, silverware have always been very desired furnishings, a memory of a distant past or the expression of contemporary artistic avant-gardes. Studio Marceca, with passion, follows the main art market, conveyed by the great Italian and European auction houses. For customers who want to make their home a precious casket in which to set art objects, often unique, that also meet investment needs, is offered a service of assistance and advice aimed at the purchase of works of art and antiques and to their setting in classic or modern contexts.



Craft and industry

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