PREGEO papers – Land Cadastre

Consultancy for Pregeo procedures for registration of land

PREGEO papers – Land Cadastre

What is PREGEO? PREGEO is the abbreviation for PRE-treatment of GEOmetrical deeds. It is a program, a software developed by the company Sogei and is used by the Revenue Agency. This program gives industrial experts, architects, agronomists (with degree), agricultural experts, agricultural technicians, surveyors, forest engineers, engineers and junior architects the opportunity to update the Land Register. With PREGEO you can define the parcel type, the insertion of new buildings into the map and the type of fractioning, which consists in the division of cadastral parcels. We can therefore say that any slight change in the land state, occurring due to construction, expansion, demolition, even partial, of real estate units, or for a split up of a land parcel, normally for the purpose of a change of ownership, must be declared to the Land Registry. From June 1, 2015, the use of electronic procedures for the transmission of technical deeds for cadastral updating is mandatory. Professionals must submit the document electronically. Only in case of irregular functioning of the electronic service and only for some categories of professionals, may the documents be submitted by appointment to the provincial office responsible for the territory. Obviously the Revenue Agency can carry out checks and activate office corrections, notified to the owners. It is possible to appeal to the Provincial Tax Commission responsible for the territory, according to the procedures indicated in the notified inspection deed. According to the current legislation, the submission of Land Registry updating documents foresees the payment of special cadastral taxes and stamp duties.

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