Identification of a building, clarifying basic data and cadastral income

Registration of buildings

What is the cadastral registration of a building? It is a bureaucratic process identifying a property, clarifying its basic data and its own tax return. This document is not only useful for the payment of IMU (Combined Municipal Property Tax) and IRPEF (Income Tax), but also for the request of the certificate of habitability of a given property or building. The registration of buildings is a procedure that has to be re-elaborated every time renovations, extensions, restorations, changes in use or the splitting of existing structures are carried out. This procedure must be done independently of the use, that may be residential, commercial, managerial, industrial or agricultural. The manager will take care of the registration before the end of the works. Regarding a new construction, the registration will be the census of the property. This is a mandatory and indispensable step in order to attribute the right value to the asset possessed. How can I register my property? First you need to draw up a document containing the floor plan of the building. Subsequently it is necessary to fill in a series of forms, through a ministerial program called DOCFA (Building Cadastre Document), which attributes the cadastral income to the real estate unit. In the case of a new construction, it will first be necessary to apply to the Land Cadastre to complete the updating and insertion of the building or real estate unit in the cadastral map . The approval of the request and the receipt of the file called DOCFA permit the receipt of both the cadastral identifications with which the property is identified (sheet, number or parcel and subordinate) and the income of the real estate unit, which is effective immediately. The Financial Administration has one year to ascertain, change or confirm the proposed property registration. Possible corrections to the real estate registration must be notified to the owners of the property, which may present an appeal.

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