Energy performance certification is a service limited to the Lombardy region

Energy performance certificate of buildings

The service is limited to the Lombardy Region and includes: – the inspection and the instrumental and photographic survey of the property to be certified;
the energy certificate APE (Energy Performance Certificate);
sending the certification to the Lombardy Region.
The Energy Performance Certificate is compiled by a qualified professional recognized by the Lombardy Region. It is suitable if drafted and certified by a certified professional registered in the Regional Buildings Energy Cadastre (CEER). Starting from the date of registration of the file in CEER, the APE has a maximum validity of 10 years and expires at the end of this period or if changes have been made to the building and its plant has modified the energy performance. The Energy Performance Certificate of buildings is mandatory in the case of sale or lease of a property. Not everyone can fill in an APE (Energy Performance Certificate). To be able to complete and sign this document you must be accredited to a special register. The energy certifier is usually a professional technician qualified to design buildings and systems (architects, engineers, surveyors) and who has gained specific skills on the topic of energy efficiency applied to the built space. Training, supervision and accreditation of professionals is managed by the Regions with appropriate local laws. About half of the Italian regions have not yet adopted their own regulations: in this case the law in force is the national one (Legislative Decree 192/05). It is very important to emphasize that the energy certifier has very important civil and criminal liabilities, clearly defined by the legislator. Through a specific software the certifier carries out an energy analysis of the building: this activity consists in carefully assessing the characteristics of the opaque vertical closures (masonry), transparent closures (windows and window frames), horizontal closures (ceilings, roofs and coverings); an analysis is made of the geometric characteristics of the building, the production of hot water, any systems for cooling and heating the rooms, the type of system, any systems for the production of renewable energy. Following this activity, the certifier processes all the necessary calculations, compiles the “Energy Certificate” or “APE”. The document produced, through an “ad hoc” procedure, is filed and registered with the Energy Cadestre of the Lombardy Region, together with the cadastral map of the building. The final document is delivered to the user signed and stamped (stamp issued by the professional order of belonging) or digitally signed together with the receipt of deposit at the Energy Cadastre. The inspection of the property is mandatory. The law prohibits the drawing up of an APE (Energy Performance Certificate) without carrying out an inspection. There are NO minimum or tariff rates. The price of an energy certification, given the number of hours of work necessary to process it, is naturally appropriate to the activity carried out.

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