Consultancy and assistance on antiques and art objects

Consultancy and Art Brokering

Every object in a house is an expression of the taste and choice of its owner. Paintings, furniture, carpets, silverware have always been very desired furnishings, a memory of a distant past or the expression of contemporary artistic avant-gardes. Studio Marceca, passionately follows the main art market, conveyed by the great Italian and European auction houses. A service providing assistance and advice is offered to a demanding clientele, who wants to make a precious treasure chest out of its home where to place art objects, often unique, also satisfying investment needs, aimed at the purchase of works of art and antiques and their setting in classic or modern settings. What does it mean to invest in art? What does it mean to embellish and enrich your home with a particular object, perhaps unique or rare? What does it mean to invest in the art market? The art market is a real “asset class” standing out for its subjectivity in establishing the value of a work compared to the return-risk concept. Eminent economists have emphasized that investments in art have guaranteed a return that is superior to inflation. Another fundamental element of this market is that of the hedonic value, i.e. the pleasure that the work of art inspires. There are many works on the market both ancient and modern and contemporary offered by specialized vendors, private and important national and international auction houses. In choosing a painting, a carpet, any object that “dresses the house”, its owner consciously or unconsciously expresses his personality which through a clear choice connotes the real space, defining it in a distinct way. The professional activity that is offered is specialized consulting in the selection and purchase of works of art and their subsequent setting. The art objects are searched and proposed to customers through the international market, on the main Italian and European markets, at major auction houses, major vendors and major industry events.

Studio Marceca di Pier Paolo Marceca

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