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Interior Design

Furnishing a space does not just mean combining a color or choosing a piece of furniture and placing it in an environment, but means thinking of the space according to the specific needs of those who live in it and the functions of each environment. Designing the interior space, renovating or furnishing a home touches the private sphere of an individual and presupposes the identification of the individual with the environment in which he lives. This is because the design or renovation of a house tells the lifestyle of those who live there and those who designed it through the division of space, the choice of materials, colors, lights and furniture. Studio Marceca offers a highly personalized consultancy service aimed at satisfying every need of subdivision of space and furnishing, from a small studio to large volumes, from balconies to terraces to gardens, small or large, each detail is studied and calibrated on the real needs of those who must live every day that space, which must be comfortable, livable and functional. Any piece of furniture, thanks to a solid network of carefully chosen suppliers based on objective criteria. Our goal is to offer the best of all Italian creativity translated into the high work that only Italian artisans and craftsmen can offer. All selected and proposed materials are selected with extreme accuracy. Any need can be satisfied: we think and design furniture tailored to all housing needs, for the space dedicated to work and for moments of play and rest and relaxation. Each environment is unique and peculiar and is designed for the specific needs of our clients. Studio Marceca always puts the person who commissioned it at the center of the project, with its unique and unrepeatable needs.

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