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Exterior design

A planted garden has always valorized and enhanced the style of the house, creating a new pleasant and liveable space where to meet, having a positive influence on the psychological sphere of the people using it. In order to enjoy all these benefits, however, it is necessary that this open space is studied and designed by a professional who knows how to create harmony between the environments and suitably choose the essences according to the needs of the client and the climatic conditions, like orientation and sunshine. The house’s appearance has little importance: the design of a garden, terrace or outdoor space, if well managed, will have a positive influence on the whole property, also increasing its commercial value. Studio Marceca will plan and study everything meticulously, also availing itself of the contribution of expert nursery gardeners-botanists to select the most appropriate plants and essences for the context, climate and sunshine. To properly design a garden, for example, it is necessary to analyze the environment surrounding it. The type of climate in fact is crucial, as it influences vegetation growth : the heat, the cold, the degree of exposure to sunlight, the amount of shade, humidity and rainfall are climatic factors that will influence the choice of plants. The same terrain and the presence of water are important and essential factors. It does not matter if you have a large garden or a small balcony: what is important is to maximize the characteristics of each environment, looking after it and treating it with the same care as you would with every room in the house. Studio Marceca pays the utmost attention to the design of the open space: from the so-called Italian-style garden, perfectly shaped, to the practical and elegant solutions offering an equipped space designed to offer comfort and liveability.

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