Party Technical Consulting (CTP)

What is a CTP? The party-appointed expert consultancy (C.T.P.), is a consultancy carried out by a professional in a particular field (e.g.: architect, engineer, surveyor, expert, doctor, accountant), supporting the thesis of the appointing party. The purpose of the C.T.P. is to support the thesis of its party, in agreement with the lawyer of same, providing any kind of assistance and information useful to the Court Expert Consultancy (C.T.U.) appointed by the Judge of the case, during the appraisal. When do you need it? The C.T.P. is not a mandatory instrument, but it is a necessary tool that the Party can use in its own interest during a C.T.U. ordered by the Judge during a lawsuit that the party himself has initiated or when summoned by others. In the case of technical, medical and fiscal problems, if a person is involved in a pending case or intends to undertake one, he instructs a professional of his own trust (party appointed expert) so that same may work together with the technical consultant appointed by the judge (CTU) in performing his duties, making his own observations, either supporting or criticizing the result to which the Judge’s expert has arrived. To know the real market value of a property, you need to perform a real estate appraisal. This instrument is used by a professional expert who calculates the value of the property on the basis of standard methods and parameters, both nationally and internationally recognized. Studio Marceca offers an expert service for the Party during the dispute, ensuring the maximum efficiency and discretion in treating the tasks entrusted and a reasonable drafting and delivering time for the report of the expert. This type of service is linked to issues closely related to the architectural matters such as surveys and diagnostics of the degradation of buildings or building elements.

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