Appraisal for estimate of inheritance is the first step towards the division of same

Consultancy for inheritance divisions

The matter regarding probate proceedings and the division of inheritance is very delicate and worthy of attention. When there are more heirs claiming inheritance after the death of the “de cuius”, it is necessary to attribute a certain and objective value to each asset forming part of the inheritance which responds to the reality of the real estate market, in order to divide them according to the shares due to each heir. The Expert Legacy Estimate is the first step to proceed with the division of inheritance. The Appraisal for the division of inheritance is necessary when there is no will or when the correct inheritance shares must be verified. Each property has unique and peculiar characteristics and it is necessary to give it a definite value. Furthermore, the appraisal of buildings belonging to the inheritance is an operation that requires not only technical skills but also mediation amongst the various heirs. High professionalism, discretion and extreme precision are needed in determining the value of each property. Obviously, those who left their inheritance have done so hoping not to generate divisions. But often help is necessary to avoid this. All movable and immovable property, both residential, commercial or industrial, both buildings and land are analyzed and estimated by a technical consultant for their value, appointed by the heirs by mutual agreement at the time of the opening of the succession. Studio Marceca, as part of its consulting activity, offers a targeted service to determine the value of the real estate, object of the succession, guaranteeing the maximum discretion and impartiality and objectivity of the evaluation. This particular consultancy activity offered is linked to the electronic transmission activity of the probate proceedings that will be active as from 2019. In fact, with the Provision no. 53616 of March 9, 2018, the Director of the Revenue Agency has increased the professionals authorized to transmit the probate proceedings and the applications for cadastral transfer.

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