We check the economic feasibility during every buying/selling phase

Consultancy for real estate investment

The real estate market, especially in Italy, unlike the financial markets that are highly volatile, has always guaranteed, even in downturn moments, as has occurred in recent years, a good guarantee of “immobilized” capital and an excellent rental income (rentability), given also the excellent rate dedicated to the taxation of residential buildings. For those who had chosen to invest in real estate in large cities such as Milan, especially in the highest segment of the market, investments have given excellent results. Investment in real estate is a type of investment of economic resources, often large, in which it is important to carefully evaluate all the aspects related to the transaction. For this reason, it is a good idea to make use of an expert and impartial professional. First of all it is necessary to think of an economic plan (so-called “Business Plan”) in which the objectives to be reached are determined. The consultant assesses the economic feasibility of the investment and draws up a statement of expenses related to the acquisition of the property consisting of possible renovations of the building or furnishings and legal and notary fees. It is important to have a good knowledge of the market, of the territory where operating, of taxation, of the technical characteristics of the property in order to avoid incurring risks dictated by superficial choices. Studio Marceca offers its clients a highly personalized assistance and consulting service for the search of the type of property that best meets the investment needs. An in-depth study of the market, the constant comparison with operators of the sector such as the real estate agents emanating from the main agencies of the sector, will allow us to understand which solutions are present and available at all times. Technical assessments will be made, based on surveys and legal and commercial checks on buildings. Customers will be followed and assisted throughout the selection process and targeted evaluation of the real estate proposals of the investment before the purchase.

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