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Real Estate appraisals

The real estate expertise serves when you want to buy, sell, rent a house or when you want to give it as a guarantee for a loan or a mortgage, when there is a legacy of inheritance. In this case, knowing the real market value is fundamental information. The evaluation of a property expressed in square meters does not take into consideration all the elements that contribute to determining its value. For a precise and reliable estimate of the market value of a building, in fact, it is necessary to inspect and analyze the technical documentation of the property, which is essential to ascertain its ownership, the existence of prejudicial transcripts, mortgage registrations or any easements, and to verify the legitimacy of building-planning, all elements that can influence the value of the property. The limit of the valuation of a property based on the value per square meter is even more evident in the case in which the property constitutes the guarantee for a loan. The evaluation process is based on a process divided into several phases:
– Data collection of the property: selection and collection of general data (social, economic, environmental, etc.), specific data (relating to the property) and data relating to the market segment (supply and demand).
– Inspection: in addition to examining the technical documentation provided, the expert performs an inspection to directly and accurately detect all the additional elements necessary to perform the assessment and to verify in person the correspondence between the real state of the property and that resulting from the documentation.
– Estimate: through an in-depth analysis and the application of the most suitable evaluation method taken from those recognized and shared internationally, the process ends with the estimate of the value of the property and with a draft of the Real Estate Appraisal.
Studio Marceca issues real estate appraisals or complete appraisals for residential and commercial properties in the City of Milan and in the Metropolitan area of ​​Milan, guaranteeing objectivity and impartiality of assessment.

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