Executive plan

The executive project closes the design phase and collects all the elements that will be used to build and build the building on site. Nulle is left to chance: even the smallest constructive details are designed, selected and designed in detail. Presidential Decree 554/99 states that “The executive plan, drawn up in accordance with the final design, determines in every detail the work to be carried out and the relative expected cost. It must be developed at a level of definition that allows each element to be identifiable in form, type, quality, size and price. In particular, the project is made up of the set of relationships, the executive calculations of the structures and plants and the graphic drawings in the appropriate scales. This includes any constructive details, the estimated metric estimate and the list of unit prices. The executive project closes the design process by translating the designer’s thinking into reality. It is calibrated on the basis of the surveys and the evolution of the construction site. It allows all the subjects involved in the work to operate in a harmonious and precise manner under the supervision of the project manager. “The executive project is drawn up on the basis of the directives provided by the final project and consists of the following elements:
– a general report;
– specialist reports;
– graphic drawings, including those relating to facilities, installations and environmental remediation works; the executive calculations of the structures and plants;
– the maintenance plans of the work as a whole and in the parts of which it is composed;
– security and coordination plans;
– the final estimative metric calculation and the economic framework;
– the timetable of the works;
– list of unit prices and possible analyzes;
– the picture of the incidence of labor for the various categories that make up the work;
– the contract scheme and a special call for tenders.
The building site is a complex group of people working to a single objective in mutual diversity: it is the task of the designer and all the subjects involved in the various activities to have a clear understanding of what to do and how to organize all the phases of the work.

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