Architecture is thought and knowledge

Architectural Design

Designing and creating a built space does not mean letting your imagination fly away, but rather remaining firmly anchored to reality, keeping the real needs of the client in mind, scrupulously complying with the current legislation and being fully aware of the materials and production techniques. Both preliminary and executive planning activities, building and land practices are managed within a reasonable time. The goal is to provide a high quality service. In order to clarify the concept of design, it is useful to start from the definition provided by the Presidential Decree 554/99: “Design has the fundamental purpose of realizing a quality and technically valid intervention, respecting an optimum ratio between benefits and global costs of construction, maintenance and management. Among other things, design is based on the principles of minimizing the use of non-renewable material resources and maximum re-utilization of natural resources involved in the intervention, with an excellent maintainability, durability of materials and components, replaceablity of elements, compatibility of the materials and easy control of the performance of the intervention over time …” The project is drawn up according to three progressive levels of definition: preliminary, definitive and executive. The idea of ​​a project, a pure creative act, when consolidated and realized through the various technical drawing phases, must necessarily take into account essential elements marked and defined in detail by the relative legislation, which is never a limit for the designer but rather a resource to help consolidate and realize that which would otherwise remain a simple intuition. The architectural project turns the creative intuition of the designer into reality, who interprets, from his point of view, in a unique and unrepeatable way, the requests and desires of the clients, often dictated by real needs and concrete problems to face and manage. In the field of architectural design, the target of Studio Marceca is to fully satisfy the real needs of the client, in total compliance with the current legislation.

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