Final Plan

Final Plan

Once the needs of the client have been defined and crystallized in the preliminary plan, the following phases are carried out by the design engineer, who turns the preliminary plan into an advanced technical document.
The Presidential Decree 554/99 states that “The final draft is drawn up on the basis of the indications of the approved preliminary draft and of that emerging during possible meetings of regional authorities. It contains all the elements necessary for the purposes of the necessary qualifications and assessment of urban conformity. ”
It includes the following documents:
– general report;
– technical reports and specialist reports such as geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, hydraulic, archaeological, etc.;
-plano-altimetric surveys and detailed study of urban planning;
– graphic drawings;
– environmental impact study, where required by current regulations, or environmental feasibility study;
– preliminary calculations of the structures and plants;
– descriptive and performance regulation of the technical elements;
– census and draft resolution of interference;
– parcel compulsory purchase plan (only if it is necessary to acquire new areas to carry out the intervention);
– list of parcel prices and possible analyses;
– metric calculation estimate;
– update of the document containing the first indications and provisions for the drafting of safety plans;
– economic framework with an indication of the safety costs deduced on the basis of the document referred to in the previous point.
All the plans, if necessary, may be modified or integrated.
If the project is for the participation in a tender, instead of the descriptive and performance specification there are special tender documents and a contract format, which also indicates the location and time for drafting the executive plan.
This project phase is often confused and superimposed on the next phase (executive plan) but instead constitutes the second fundamental moment of the project.
Here the technical designer (architect) works with all the other technicians who may collaborate on the project, preparing all the necessary documents for the construction site and studying in detail all aspects of the project from a technical point of view.

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