Preliminary Plan

The preliminary planis a document produced during the design phase and represents the first of the three levels of definition in the drafting of a project. It is the project phase where the designer’s idea takes a proper shape and begins to materialize. In the preliminary plan the needs of the client and the data resulting from the instrumental survey crystallize, the foundations are laid for the definition of the costs and the technical characteristics of the subsequent interventions. The Presidential Decree 554/99 underlines that “The preliminary plan establishes the most significant profiles and characteristics of the plans of the subsequent design levels, according to the economic dimensions and the type and category of the intervention”. It is composed of various elements, whose presence is left at the discretion of the only person responsible of the procedure that assesses the need:
– illustrative report;
– technical report;
– environmental pre-feasibility study;
– preliminary geological, hydrogeological and archaeological investigations;
– general planimetry and graphic schemes;
– first indications and provisions for the drafting of security plans;
– summary calculation of expenditure.
In the event the project should be for tenders for public works’ concessions or for competitive tenders, it must also contain:
– reports and graphs related to the necessary surveys (geological, geotechnical, hydrological, hydraulic and seismic);
– a special performance contract.
If the project is based on a tender for the award of public works’ concessions, it must be accompanied by a general economic and financial plan. The legislator has been very clear in defining the various elements that characterize this phase of planning. No limits or prohibitions are imposed, but only the start of the procedure is pronounced which, through the other phases, will lead to the result accomplished. “Who starts well is already halfway through the work” says an ancient proverb: Studio Marceca pays the utmost attention to this very important moment of the project, since this is where the project is born.

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