Building permissions

Consultancy and assistance for submission of building documents

Building permissions

Consultancy and assistance for submission of building documents

The design, like the construction, management and maintenance of the built space are the main phases of the building process. Each phase requires the completion of a series of administrative procedures at the competent technical offices such as the Building Permit, the SCIA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity), the DIA (Notice of Commencement of works) and the CILA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Works). Studio Marceca offers a careful personalized service of management, drafting and submission of all building practices for the construction and renovation of buildings, where the signature of a qualified technician (Architect) is required to certify the works to be carried out. It is very important that the execution of the so-called building practices takes place within a reasonable time and that they are managed with the utmost care. All the necessary documents are collected and stored with care in order to guarantee the client the maximum degree of privacy, in compliance with the current legislation. In fact, as from May 25, 2018 the new European Regulation no. 679/2016 (“GDPR”) on the protection of personal data is in force. Studio Marceca is extremely attentive as far as the correct management of the personal data of its clients is concerned. We undertake to protect the safety of information on a daily basis, taking our inspiration from the highest quality standards. We are always able to offer advice to our clients in choosing the most suitable procedures to be carried out to realize a project in compliance with the legislation.

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