S.C.I.A. -Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity

Consultancy and assistance for the submission of S.C.I.A. (Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity)

S.C.I.A. -Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity

S.C.I.A. -Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity The S.C.I.A. (Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity) is an essential self-certification to start certain types of activities. Who is required to submit a SCIA? The SCIA must be submitted by those who carry out an entrepreneurial, commercial or artisan activity, to certify that they possess the requisites required by law for these activities. For example, retailers and wholesalers in the food sector, hospitality businesses, holiday farms, warehouses, artisans, hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo artists, bar and restaurant owners, fall under this category., (installation of professional plates, signs, etc.). The following, instead, are exempt from this obligation:
– all small artisan companies with no more than 3 collaborators, having no gas emission, hazardous waste discharge in the environment, bothersome noise and no discharges deriving from production.
– Deposits and warehouses relevant to retail stores or agricultural equipment
– public offices and professional offices
– hospitals, health and welfare institutions
– schools without laboratories
How and when to submit the SCIA?
It is necessary to submit the SCIA electronically to the SUAP (one-stop business advisory centre) of the area to which the activity to be started belongs. No other submission method is allowed. It is possible to submit the application with the aid of trade associations, through a professional or by taking care of it personally. In this case, it is sufficient to connect to the site of the region to which it belongs, download and complete the form, following the procedure, and send it via CERTIFIED POST, signing with the digital signature. Once the Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity has been submitted, the competent office has 60 days (30 for the building activities) to check the application and the truthfulness of the requirements and authorize the activity, request approval or interrupt it and apply the relative sanctions. At the time of submission of the application, a receipt containing a protocol number is issued and valid as confirmation of delivery of the document. It is possible to use this protocol number to check the status of the request through the appropriate portal made available by the Region. S.C.I.A. -Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity Consultancy and assistance for the submission of S.C.I.A. (Certified Notice of Commencement of Activity)

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