Consultancy and assistance for the submission of CILA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Works)

CILA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Works)

What is the CILA? The Certified Notice of Beginning of Works is a normative instrument to carry out extraordinary maintenance interventions that do not touch the structural parts of the building. When is the CILA required? The CILA is required to carry out complex extraordinary maintenance interventions that involve, for example, the displacement of internal walls, the replacement of fixtures with others having different characteristics, the construction of new plants or the radical modification of existing ones and their compliance. The intervention of a qualified technician is always required; an architect, an engineer or a surveyor who must attach a complete project with the status before, during and after the job, as well as a sworn report certifying the compliance of same with all the required regulatory requirements. Extraordinary maintenance interventions include those of joining or splitting of real estate units. Before proceeding with any intervention, I recommend that you always contact a technician of your choice who will tell you which is the practice to follow, thereby avoiding errors and fines to be paid. The work can be started immediately upon presentation of the CILA. A fine of 1000.00 euros must be paid by means of a specific payment on a postal current account, the receipt of which must be attached to the file, if the building works have been carried out without the submission of the necessary Cil (not certified) and Cila. However, if the works are communicated while they are still in progress and not yet completed, the penalty is reduced by two thirds and is therefore equal to 333.00 euros. Obviously any changes in the internal property distribution must be noted by the submission of a Building Cadastre change report, always through a qualified professional, affiliated with the Land Registry Office. This further process involves the submission of an updating cadastral procedure.

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