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DOCFA papers- Building Cadastre

The DOCFA (Building Cadastre Documents) procedure of registration of buildings consists in a document containing all the technical and descriptive data of the buildings reported and a series of graphical representations of the property to be registered or for which changes are to be made, such as cadastral planimetries. In just a few hours, by requesting online a DOCFA registration of buildings, it is possible to register new buildings or report a variation relating to existing buildings. What is Docfa? DOCFA is an IT software developed by the Territory Agency and made available to surveyors, engineers and experts. It is used to compile the registration and variation reports relating to urban real estate units registered or to be registered at the Land Registry Offices. What documents do I need to file a Docfa report? The documents necessary for submitting a DOCFA report to the Land Registry are:
proof of origin of the property, i.e. the deed of sale, succession, donation, etc. This document may be acquired through a mortgage note certificate.

The protocol number and the date of the last building procedure relative to the building. For example: the notification of the commencement of works, the building permit, the building authorization, the procedure of amnesty for infringement of local building regulations, etc.
The data that identify the property, i.e. municipality, sheet, cadastral map and former parcels, subordinate and the intended use are obtainable by requesting a cadastral certificate for the building.
A map extract, land cadastre, number of real estate units and their consistency in square meters (for which a cadastral plan is required).
In addition to the documents relating to the building and the latest building procedures, it is necessary to submit a copy of the identity document and tax code of the owner.
When to submit the Docfa cadastral change? The Docfa cadastral change is necessary, during the construction of a building and at the end of the works and the testing phase. The DOCFA variation report, instead, is necessary for:
– change of intended use.
– the change in area (net area and commercial area) as a result of extension of the rooms, demolition of a building (even if partial), merger of the main parcel with other real estate units or division of the same real estate unit into multiple parcels.
– the modification of the characteristics of the urban real estate unit that affects its value and, consequently, also the cadastral income, with changes in the internal distribution of the rooms or in restructuring.
the variation of the toponymic data relating to the urban real estate unit, such as address, house number, floor etc.

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