Our projects made to measure for your house

Our projects made to measure for your house

The design of custom-made furniture, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the sleeping area to the living area, from the service areas to the storage elements is one of the strong points of Studio Marceca. Why choose custom-made furniture? It is implicit that designing custom-made furniture means having the possibility to customize and manage every aspect and room of your home to your liking. The final result will surely reflect any possible need to the utmost, especially the tastes and style of the client. Furnishing your home with a “tailor-made cut” means turning your dream into reality. It is certain that volumes and shapes made to measure, will enhance the spaces, making them functional and liveable and at the same time they will reflect the personality of those living in that space every day. Even the economic aspect in this choice should not be underestimated. The realization of custom-made furniture will permit the choice of every single piece, evaluating its aesthetics, size and cost. Studio Marceca relies on the best artisans who, with their work, are able to produce, on design and with the unmistakable Italian style, all the elements of furniture making a home beautiful and functional. In suggesting a custom-made furniture solution, the possibility is highlighted of customizing every detail according to the client’s taste and wishes. It will be our task to offer advice in the various phases of each choice with the main purpose of meeting every need. It is extremely significant, obtaining a great added value, to offer a choice of furniture which has been created, designed and calibrated according to the needs of the client: on the one side the particular characteristics of each room are enhanced to the utmost while on the other it is possible to make every environment distinctive and special, creating a unique atmosphere that everyone can define “home”.

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